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Dr Hishon

Dr. Heath Hishon

For almost 30 years, Dr. Heath W. Hishon has provided his patients and community the most advanced chiropractic care available today. A leader in his profession, it is his training, continued education, and clinical experience that keep him at the leading edge of chiropractic rehabilitation and nutritional trends in the health industry.

After Dr. Hishon completed his undergraduate studies, he received training from the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College in 1993. Palmer Chiropractic College is the original Chiropractic school that discovered and has developed the profession to what it is today.

During his undergraduate studies Dr. Hishon was introduced to chiropractic and found its approach to care resonated with him. It was then he decided this would become his life’s work. He is proud to say since graduating, he now has three cousins that have become chiropractors and each are very successful in their own right.

It was at chiropractic school that Dr. Heath met his wife Joeley and they started their crazy wonderful life together. They married and are blessed with 3 wonderful daughters. Joeley in addition to being an incredible wife and mother, is a registered nurse. She is Director of Infectious Disease at a major hospital and enjoys a successful career. Dr. Hishon’s marriage to Joeley, and raising their three daughters are the greatest accomplishments of his life. Their three daughters are all working hard getting through college.

Dr. Hishon enjoys time with his family more than anything. He has also enjoyed a number of hobbies over the years, and loves to stay active doing anything outdoors. He is an avid cyclist and has competed in some of the most grueling races in the country. He has passed on his love of the outdoors to his daughters and cherishes his time with them in nature.

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"The BEST chiropractic center I’ve been to. everyone is so nice and caring. I’ve had neck and back issues for years and was constantly getting headaches due to the neck issues and I have only had two sessions and have already noticed the headaches starting to become less frequent and less painful."
"Such a happy office. They really helped me with my back. I came in with tears with how bad my back hurt but now it feels great and am back to playing sports!"
"I had my first appointment yesterday. The staff were all nice. I didn't have to wait long to be seen. The Dr. was able to tell me what's causing my pain and started treatment right away. I left the office feeling great. I look forward to continued treatment there."