Accident / Injury

Charleston Neck & Back Center has treated thousands of people that have been in auto or work related accidents, known as personal injury. We focus on functional restoration of activities of daily living. We adhere to problem focused exams based upon presenting history and subjective functional complaints in effort to establish a medically necessary treatment plan that has a reasonable expectation of functional improvement. Our treatments will consist of only what is medically necessary.

In addition, upon release of a patient, we provide the attorney or insurance adjuster detailed daily notes, discharge notices and necessary paper work in a timely manner. Charleston Neck & Back Center has strong relationships with many attorneys if a recommendation is needed.


"I suffer from persistent non-epileptic seizures. The Proadjuster has been very helpful with my headaches and neck pain, and doesn't trigger my seizures."


"Not only is my lower back feeling relief, but my fibromyalgia symptoms have decreased tremendously."


"My knee pain was keeping me from walking through a store. After being treated @ CNBC my knees feel great and I don't even have to stop and sit down while shopping."


"This is the first time I've been pain free from my back pain in five years. I feel considerably better and I can get a good night's sleep."